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The Thief Who Sang Storms

A timely quest infused with magic. The Times, Children's Book of the Week The hugely-anticipated, brand-new fairytale adventure from Sophie Anderson, the bestselling author of The House with Chicken Legs.The Island of Morovia is shaped like ...

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Book Review by Julie - Book & Toy
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When the heartbreaking tragedy happens on the island of Monrovia fear drives people apart. Fear of the unknown and suspicion breed to create a toxic environment where no-one can thrive. Linnet and her father Nightingale are forced to move away from their community, from their friends and to eke out a pitiful and shadowy life in the swamps. They are bird people and the original inhabitants of the island, but after years of living peacefully their world was shattered when the tragedy struck. They do the best they can until Nightingale is captured and Linnet is determined to rescue him, whatever the odds. With unexpected twists and turns and a good dose of magic, this is a fabulous reminder of how forgiveness is better than hatred, how kindness rules and how differences between people can be used in a positive way. I really enjoyed this and I also liked the unexpected link ‘The House with Chicken Legs’. It’s an excellent book for older primary and lower middle school aged children. It also makes for a good set reading text as whilst the book is first and foremost an excellent and gripping story, there are a number of themes that can be explored as class activities or projects.

by B. and Toy Bookworms (Costa Rica), Monday, May 2, 2022 - View all my reviews