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Toys for Girls and Boys

We often talk about 'Genderless' toys but don't always address the fact that boys can play with dolls and girls can play with trains. How many parents or especially grandparents would go and buy their son a doll or a pink construction set? How many parents or grandparents will purposely look for a robotics kit or train set for their daughter? This section contains toys that are typically bought for a specific gender. We challange you to ignore traditional gender lines and 'swap' typical toys. See just how inventive your daughter can be with some train train or road system. See how caring your son can be with a doll!

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Beauty Case
Price: $21.24 Inc IVA
12,000.60 CRC

Boxset - Beach Villa
Price: $40.71 Inc IVA
23,001.15 CRC

Boxset - Fairy House
Price: $40.71 Inc IVA
23,001.15 CRC

Boxset - Pirate Island
Price: $35.40 Inc IVA
20,001.00 CRC

Breakfast Set
Price: $24.78 Inc IVA
14,000.70 CRC

Cleaning Tool Set
Price: $51.33 Inc IVA
29,001.45 CRC

Coffee Maker
Price: $26.55 Inc IVA
15,000.75 CRC

Doll Family
Price: $15.93 Inc IVA
9,000.45 CRC

Fire Station with Accessories
Price: $97.35 Inc IVA
55,002.75 CRC

Foldable Stable
Price: $38.94 Inc IVA
22,001.10 CRC

Garage- Small
Price: $48.68 Inc IVA
27,501.38 CRC

Goma 1 Educational Robot Kit
Price: $125.67 Inc IVA
71,003.55 CRC

Holiday House
Price: $49.56 Inc IVA
28,001.40 CRC

Magnetic Dress Up - Boy
Price: $17.70 Inc IVA
10,000.50 CRC

Magnetic Theatre - w/4 Stages
Price: $30.09 Inc IVA
17,000.85 CRC

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