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Funnybones: The Pet Shop

Funnybones: The Pet Shop

By Penguin UkFormat: PaperbackAllan Ahlberg (author)
Ref: 9780141378701Andre Amstutz (Illustrator)
Series: Funnybones 0 (in series)
32 pages / Published: 07-Sep-17Lexile level: AD530L
Price: $12.60 Inc IVA
7,000.56 CRC

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In a dark dark street There is a dark dark house . . . In this FUNNYBONES story, the big skeleton and the little skeleton are fed up with the dog skeleton and decide to swap him at the pet shop. They start off with a goldfish but soon get tired of him and swap him for a parrot - but soon they get bored of him too . . . Eventually the pet shop owner gives them a box to take home with a surprise pet inside. What do you think it will be?