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Alphabet and Math Operation Board

Alphabet and Math Operation Board

Format: Wood
Ref: 6971608446559
Series: VIGA 0 (in series)
Price: $43.82 Inc IVA
23,002.88 CRC

In stock

*Includes 1 tray and 100 cubes of 10 different colors, 8 cylindrical blocks representing math symbols, 2 large paper cards, 13 small paper cards,a cloth bag and a whiteboard pen. *Each wooden cube is printed on 4 sides: upper and lower case letters, numbers between 1-100, multiplication and multiplication result. *The bottom of the tray is a whiteboard, which can be written with a whiteboard pen, is convenient for children to draw and write. *A valuable toy not only for learning alphabet and numbers, but also for spelling and arithmetic practice. With the game cards, children can also play number game or word spelling in a more fun way. *Improve children's color cognition, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination. *Perfect educational materials for nursery, kindergarten, preschool, elementary.