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Huna educational robot kit II

Huna educational robot kit II

Format: Caja de cart¢n
Ref: mrthuna1
Series: My Robot Time 0 (in series)
Price: $121.92 Inc IVA
64,008.00 CRC

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Its powerful and flexible microcontroller, motors and sensors can be used not just with the parts in the kit, but can be adapted to suit all sorts of applications. Furthermore, advanced users can create and interface their own circuitry and peripherals.

These makes these kits ideal for use in the classroom to teach kids creativity, problem solving, and logical thinking for the following reasons:

Affordable - the basic system costs less than a Nintendo DS.

Flexible - even more assembling methods than LEGO® systems.

Configurable - make the robot with just what you need.

Reprogrammable - with a compact yet powerful microcontroller.

Scalable - wire or solder your own electronic components!

"Learnable" - easy on the beginner and powerful for the advanced!

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