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The Nowhere Thief

The Nowhere Thief

Format: PaperbackAlice M. Ross (author)
Ref: 9781839943768256 pages / Published: 02-Mar-23
Price: $15.24 Inc IVA
8,001.00 CRC

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A mind-bending multiverse adventure about theft, family, and finding your home. Twelve-year-old Elsbeth has an extraordinary power: she can travel to parallel worlds and bring objects back with her. But as freak weather events become more frequent and a strange boy, Idris, starts to turn up everywhere she travels, she has to ask herself: does her gift come with a price? Fans of Christopher Edge, Ross Welford and Jessica Townsend will love this fast-paced story and mind-blowing plot! Perfect for readers aged 9 and up.