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Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Format: PaperbackSally Grindley (author)
Ref: 9780747586159288 pages / Published: 04-Feb-08
Price: $10.62 Inc IVA
6,000.30 CRC

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"We hadn't always lived on an island ...why would anyone dream of such a thing if they had a house with its own path and a gate at the end of it?" When Suresh and Sandeep run away from home to escape their abusive and bullying father, they do so with the hope that they are going to find something better. However, soon Sandeep and Suresh find themselves working to collect rubbish (broken glass) in the big city - and their new home is a traffic island in the middle of a busy road. Is this their future forever, or can the brothers change their fates to something much more hopeful?