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Catch & Match
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Catch & Match

Catch & Match

Format: Wooden
Ref: 6971608445743
Series: Viga 0 (in series)
Price: $30.40 Inc IVA
19,304.00 CRC

In stock

Containing 8 cards showing different colorful patterns, 8 kinds of colorful beads, a pair of chopsticks , a spoon and a clip; this matching toy helps develop a number of early learning skills. Children can fix a favorite card in the wooden tray, use the chopsticks, spoon or clip to catch the balls and place them into the holes on the board according to the patterns and color on the card. They can also create their own combinations. Packed in a wooden box to keep everything neatly together. This game helps develop hand-eye coordination and concentration as well as recognise colour, follow a pattern and promote creativity.