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Autism and Me
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Autism and MeAutism and MeAutism and MeAutism and MeAutism and Me

Autism and Me

Format: PaperbackHaia Ironside and Dr Leslie Ironside (author)
Ref: 9781787415379Ellie O'Shea (Illustrator)
Series: Mindful Kids 0 (in series)
96 pages / Published: 02-Apr-20
Price: $19.05 Inc IVA
10,001.25 CRC

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This book is for autistic people. You can share this book with important people such as family and friends. The activities in this book explore what it means to be autistic. It is full of fun activities including colouring, drawing and DIY. The activities are designed for autistic people and their friends and family to enjoy. Some ideas might be useful to practice outside of the book in real life, every day situations. There is also guidance for parents and caregivers. This book was written by Haia Ironside. Haia recently completed her master's degree in Autism Studies. She is also a teacher and has extensive experience working with autistic children and their families and caregivers.

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