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Incredible Edibles
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Incredible EdiblesIncredible Edibles

Incredible Edibles

Format: PaperbackStefan Gates (author)
Ref: 9781406339062128 pages / Published: 14-Sep-12
Price: $15.80 Inc IVA
10,080.40 CRC

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Become a food adventurer with gastronaut, Stefan Gates! What's the most dangerous food on earth? How do you milk a camel? What's the fartiest food of all? And what's really in that burger you're about to eat? Find out the answers to these questions and much more in this seriously funny and hilariously informative book about food. Packed full of mad recipes to cook for your friends, kitchen science projects to try and weird food stories, this photographic cookbook will take you on a food adventure from breakfast right through to supper.

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