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Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Twist, Scientist

Format: HardbackAndrea Beaty (author)
Ref: 978141972137332 pages / Published: 06-Sep-16
Price: $25.20 Inc IVA
14,001.12 CRC

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Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere have earned their places among the most beloved children's characters and have inspired countless kids and adults to follow their passions. Determined Ada Twist, with her boundless curiosity for science and love of the question "Why?," is destined to join these two favourites. Like her classmates Iggy and Rosie, Ada has always been hopelessly curious. Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? Why are there hairs growing inside your nose? She embarks on fact-finding missions and conducts scientific experiments, all in the name of discovery. When her house fills with a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada knows it's up to her to find the source. But, this time, her experiments lead to trouble.

Prize winner

Winner of Little Rebels Children's Book Award 2017 (UK) and The Teach Primary New Children's Fiction Awards: (category: KS1) 2017 (UK) and Picture Book Hall of Fame Inductee 2018 (United States). Joint winner of Share A Story Campaign (World Book Day