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My (Not So) Simple Life

My (Not So) Simple Life

Format: PaperbackJoanna Nadin (author)
Ref: 9780192733849
Series: Rachel Riley Diaries 0 (in series)
272 pages / Published: 18-Jun-13Lexile level: NA
Price: $12.60 Inc IVA
7,000.56 CRC

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Dumped! I cannot believe it. Am racked by torture and loss! Have wanted tragedy in my life for so long but now I've got it, it actually sort of sucks . . . big time! Have made a plan to deal with post-break-up trauma i.e. will not moon about over exes but will embrace single life. Everything will be so much easier without the complications of love. It will be a completely simple life and I am fully committed. Starting now! Or at least after breakfast . . . I'm Rachel Riley - welcome to my so-called life. Not suitable for younger readers.