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Just Ducks!

Just Ducks!

Format: PaperbackNicola Davies (author)
Ref: 9781406344776Salvatore Rubbino (Illustrator)32 pages / Published: 13-Mar-13
Price: $12.60 Inc IVA
7,000.56 CRC

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From spring right through to winter ... there they are! Down on the river! Quack quuuack, Quack-quaack-quack... What do you know about ducks? I bet you know that they quack ... a lot! Well, discover much more in this book that's all about, well, just ducks! Learn all about which is a boy duck and which is a girl, why some quack louder and others more softly. Find out what they eat when it is cold outside and where they perch their bottoms to sleep!

Prize winner

Short-listed for Kate Greenaway Medal 2013.