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Joki Cherry - Cotton Kids Hanging Nest

Joki Cherry - Cotton Kids Hanging Nest

Format: Cotton/algodon
Ref: 4025122919425
Series: Joki 0 (in series)
Price: $108.00 Inc IVA
60,004.80 CRC

In stock

• Children's hanging nests - 175 lb/80kg weight capacity (although they are tested to a higher weight that would support a normal weight teen or adult) • Hang indoors or outdoors from a ceiling, beam, tree or swing set - anywhere you child loves to play or relax • GS-tested - TUV-certified safety • Removable zippered cushion – Removable pillow is made from polyester and is machine washable. Note that many other models have an air balloon as a pillow which typically punctures easily. • The zipper to remove the pillow is toward the top of our pillow area. Many other brands have it on the bottom which stresses the zipper and often is why the zipper breaks. • The edges around the opening of the Jokis feature extra padding—reducing wear and improving durability while also making it extra comfy and pleasantly soft.