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Oxford School Thesaurus

Oxford School Thesaurus

Format: Mixed media productOxford Dictionaries (author)
Ref: 9780192756947592 pages / Published: 05-Apr-12
Price: $15.24 Inc IVA
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The Oxford School Thesaurus is newly available in paperback. It has all the text of the Hardcover with thousands of synonyms and up-to-date example sentences. Each entry is in alphabetical order, with its word class and a broad range of imaginative synonyms and supporting example sentences. It is powered by the Oxford Children's Corpus, a unique electronic database of millions of words of writing for children. Tinted panels give more synonyms for words that are often overused, for example put, nice, or say. Topic panels focus on curriculum vocabulary for the classroom. This authoritative thesaurus is the ideal companion to the pocket-sized Oxford School Dictionary. It has the same accessible design with guide words and the full alphabet on every page with a tab on the letter of the page to help with navigation. Plus, for downloadable word games, puzzles, and activities go online to the website.