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Phonic's Touch and Trace

Phonic's Touch and Trace

Format: PaperbackLisa Holt (author)
Ref: 9781862099760
Series: Letterland 0 (in series)
Price: $14.40 Inc IVA
8,000.64 CRC

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Your child could be a tactile learner - needing to touch things to learn. Your child could be a visual learner - needing memorable, clever images to look at. Your child could be and auditory learner - needing engaging stories and rhymes to listen to. The wonderful thing about this Phonics Touch & Trace book is that it is multisensory, allowing your child to learn letter shapes, letter sounds and develop a real awareness of words in a way that suits them best! Teacher's tip: Consolidates letter shapes and promotes correct handwriting strokes.