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Straight Picture Code Cards

Straight Picture Code Cards

Format: CardsLyn Wendon (author)
Ref: 9781862091993
Series: Letterland Flashcards 0 (in series)
86 pages / Published: 01-Jan-04
Price: $48.60 Inc IVA
27,002.16 CRC

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This is a key resource for transferring Letterland learning to plain letters. Double-sided cards feature a-z and all the other phonemes and spelling patterns in the new "Letterland Teacher's Guide". Plain letter sides include brief story explanations as well as useful example words. It is an excellent tool for focusing on phonemic awareness, role-play, language development activities and word building. It is presented in straight letter style. Size of 86 cards is 180x165mm/7.1"x6.8".