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Teaching With Letterland

Teaching With Letterland

We have collected the key Letterland resources together on one page to make it easier to understand what it is, how Letterland works and what you need to get started.

Understanding and Using Letterland:

Letterland Teaching Webinars: You will asked to register before seeing these recorded webinars.

Supplementary Teaching Resources Links:

Class Sample Lesson Links

Training / Capcitaciones

  • How to become a certified Letterland Teacher

Book & Toy Webinars and Videos (en desarrollo):

  • Using the Fix-It Phonics App - for parents
  • Learning with Phonics Online - for parents
  • Working with Phonics Online - for Teachers and Administrators
  • Introduction to Letterland for Schools and Teachers
  • Take a Look' - Fix-It Phonics Teacher Classroom Packs
  • 'Look inside' - Fix It Phonics Level 1 Teacher's Guide
  • 'Look inside' - Fix It Phonics Level 2 Teacher's Guide

Certified Letterland Teachers

Julie Godfrey is an authorised Letterland trainer and able to certify teachers here in Costa Rica. As more schools, tutoring centres and parents are looking for quality English teachers with Letterland experience, The Book & Toy Company has created a registry of certified teachers.

  • Find a Certified Letterand Teacher in Costa Rica
  • Registering as a certified Letterland teacher