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  • The Thief Who Sang Storms
  • Bad Cat
  • Ruby's Worry

Welcome to the best selection of English children's books in Costa Rica. By the way - we have toys and Montessori materials too!

Tips to get your kids READING.
This month find out more about why CONSISTENCY and REPETITION are essential when helping your child to read.
A Big Bright Feelings Books
Be open, be honest, be you! Big Bright Feelings for little people. Tom Percival's bestselling Big Bright Feelings series
Book focus LGBTQ+
We understand the importance of the children seeing themselves, and their friends, reflected in the books that they read. That's why we've go out of our way to select a wide range of books that celebrate diversity and build empathy amongst young people.
Top 10 Montessori Style Toys
Your child attends a Montessori pre-school so you want to recreate the experience at home without breaking the bank! At Book and Toy we have just the toys for you.