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Welcome to the best selection of English children's books in Costa Rica. By the way - we have toys and Montessori materials too!

3 ways to help kids practice phonics
More from our UK Reading and Literacy Expert Katy Reeve. This month Katy focuses on how to get your kids practicing phonics.
Vacation Reading Suggestions
On the plane, at the beach, in a tent in the garden, splayed out in a hammock; they can find lots of moments to lounge with a book and transport themselves anywhere. You too. If you struggle to find books they like, remember that we are happy to help them find one… or more.
Get them reading in spanish
We’ve found that Spanish versions of popular English language authors and series books usually work well as it’s a story they may be familiar with and less daunting to get through. Here are some that worked for my boys.
Keep Them Busy
Holidays are always a challenge for keeping your children happily occupied. You want them to enjoy themselves, to be challenged without making things too difficult and to learn and develop skills as they play. Even better if it’s easy to take on trips.