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Welcome to the best selection of English children's books in Costa Rica. By the way - we have toys and Montessori materials too!

3 ways to help kids practice phonics
More from our UK Reading and Literacy Expert Katy Reeve. This month Katy focuses on how to get your kids practicing phonics.
Meet the Secret Explorers
The Secret Explorers is a fiction chapter book series for kids aged 7–9 that's filled with real-life facts, perfect for entertaining and educating young readers.
The Ninja Kitties
Combining empowering stories with engaging play, Ninja Kitties teaches children meaningful messages that build character and self-esteem through “Ninja Goodness”, while instilling important lessons about the power of teamwork, believing in themselves, never giving up, kindness, and many other impactful values.
Explore Scratch and Sparkle
Scratch and Sparkle Activity Books have: Fun activities for children to create out-of-this-world art and crafts Black sections on the card pages to reveal sparkles and rainbow colors Card press-outs to make and create cool crafts