• Captain Underpants
  • Dog Man
  • Bad Guys

Welcome to the best selection of English children's books in Costa Rica. By the way - we have toys and Montessori materials too!

Asesoría y Apoyo a Bibliotecas
Asesorias, pre pedidos; apoyamos a la biblioteca de tu institución. Compartimos toda nuestra experiencia para llenar tus estantes con los mejores libros!
Get Them Reading
There's no such thing as a child who doesn't like books - they just haven't discovered the RIGHT book yet. Horrid Henry is a huge winner with reluctant readers.
Creative Play
Role Play allows kids a creative space to build relationships, learn how to socialise, test out different situations and make sense of their world.
Animal Science - What Do You Know?
Animals are amazing, come in all shapes, sizes and can be found in all types of environments. WE invite you on a journey of discovery with these fantastic Animal Science picture books. Perfect for 5-9 year olds.