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Laura (Fashionistas)

Author: Sarra Manning

Ref: 9780340932209
Beating 12,000 other girls to become the newest model on Fierce's books is Laura's dream come true. But she knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. She's gorgeous - everyone thinks so. But when the thrill of winning fades, Laura is alone in London, in a shoebox bedroom with three fame-hungry flatmates. Being beautiful isn't enough now ...not when her booker thinks she's way too fat, and her devoted boyfriend isn't the rock she thought he was. Laura's got to make some difficult decisions. And time is running out...

volume no: Bk. 1

Critic Reviews
Of Let's get Lost: 'A teen book that is honest and gritty. Sarra Manning voices what other people feel.' -- Lesley at Betty Bookmark 20060112 Of Guitar Girl: ..I have two favourite books of all time. My first one is Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning. I love it - it's so inspirational to anyone whos interested in music specially rock, punk or indie sounds...I thought it was amazing.' -- 'Donaholic' writing for Red House Online Message Board 20050618 'Sarra Manning has crafted that rare thing, a novel that is insightful and observant whilst remaining a truly compelling read.' -- Achuka Reviews 20050618 "I would like to read more books by this writer. I loved the pinkness of the cover - it really makes you want to pick it up!" -- Teen Titles Book Review Magazine 20071201
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