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Cambridge BrainBox: Cars and Boats 2

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Cambridge BrainBox: Cars and Boats 2

The kit is designed to be used in the classroom or the home and will provide many happy hours of experimentation and enhanced learning. The area covered is Year 6 Design and Technology, Unit 6D 'Controllable Vehicles' together with basic 'Electric Circuits' and a section on 'Alarms & Sensors '.

A feature of all Cambridge BrainBox kits is ease of assembly, all the parts just clip together with press-studs. Mistakes can be corrected in seconds so maintaining a high level of interest. All the parts are colour and number coded so making the selection of parts very easy. Each part has its own slot within the box so it is easy to see if any part is missing.

Included in the manual are worksheets for Unit 6D (Controllable Vehicles) of the Design & Technology National Curriculum along with 50 other experiments designed to revise and enhance the knowledge of electricity and electronics.

  • Suitable for ages 8-12 
  • Learn about electric circuits 
  • Experiment with sensors 
  • Find out how to control the speed and direction of an electric motor 
  • Find out about different types of switches 
  • Build a gear driven car and a fan propelled car 
  • Make a fan propelled boat 
  • Construct a propeller driven boat
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