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Beasts of Olympus

Beasts of Olympus (Beasts of Olympus)

Author: Lucy Coats

Ref: 9781848125568

Demon's long-lost father has walked back into his life and taken him somewhere over the rainbow right into Olympus. As Demon can talk to animals, the gods have decided he's the perfect boy to be named the new Official Beastkeeper to the Gods. 

It's an important job, but the stables are stinky, the beasts are beastly and the goddesses are on the warpath. Will Demon be able to bring order to the stable? There's a Hydra who's been beheaded by the horrible hero Heracles; Hades three-headed dog gets into a fight and feels rather poorly; and Zeus wants to find a Hippocamp - but Demon has no idea what a Hippocamp is! 

The combination of comedy, adventure, gods, goddesses, creatures and Ancient Greek mythology make these books from Blue Peter Award-shortlisted author Lucy Coats a treat for readers aged 7 and over. There are also plenty of illustrations by David Roberts to add to the excitement!

Titles in this collection (3)
  • Beast Keeper
  • Steeds of the Gods
  • Hounds of Hades
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