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Arabel and Mortimer Collection

Arabel and Mortimer Collection (Arabel and Mortimer)

Author: Joan Aiken

Ref: 9781847808295

Written by The Wolves of Willoughby Chase author Joan Aiken and illustrated by the one and only Quentin Blake, this set of four funny books from the bestselling Arabel and Mortimer series shows why keeping a raven as a pet might not be the best idea...

Having been rescued from a late-night hit-and-run by Mr. Jones, Mortimer quickly becomes the Jones family pet - much to Mrs Jones' disgust. But as far as Arabel can see, it's love at first night... When Mortimer vanishes along with a priceless diamond brooch and criminal squirrel, has she got into something far bigger than she thought?

Throughout the other books, Arabel and Mortimer attempt to enjoy a quiet afternoon in Rainwater Crescent Gardens; are invited to a ball at the Assembly Rooms; and go to see the animals at Lord Donisthorpe's zoo.

Heart-warming animal stories with a quirky edge and a lot of charm!

Titles in this collection (4)
  • Mortimer and the Sword Excalibur
  • The Spiral Stair
  • Arabel, Mortimer and the Escaped Black Mamba
  • Arabel's Raven
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16,416.00 CRC

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