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Zoe's Rescue Zoo

Zoe's Rescue Zoo (Zoe's Rescue Zoo)

Author: Amelia Cobb

Ref: 9780857634290

Elephants, lion cubs, seal pups, snow leopards, pandas and penguins all feature in this heart-warming collection of animal-based stories, written by Amelia Cobb.

Great-Uncle Horace keeps bringing back lost and homeless animals from his global travels, so it falls on Zoe and her zoo vet mum to settle them into their new home. Zoe has a secret gift - she can talk to the animals! It's no wonder they soon love being around her, but with the zoo under threat of closure and arguments breaking out between animals, Zoe has a lot of work to do to keep the peace.

Heart-warming stories and exceedingly cute illustrations from Sophy Williams combine throughout the gentle stories - perfect first readers for children aged 5 and over.

Titles in this collection (6)

  • The Lucky Snow Leopard
  • The Eager Elephant
  • The Silky Seal Pup
  • The Puzzled Penguin
  • The Playful Panda
  • The Lonely Lion Club

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