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Morpurgo Egmont Collection

Morpurgo Egmont Collection (Morpurgo Egmont)

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Ref: 9780007942657

A master storyteller who will quickly become a favourite, any child who is starting to develop a passion for reading will enjoy the 10 books in this Michael Morpurgo collection. A real favourite with Book People customers, the books here are amongst his finest work.

Among the stories from the former Children's Laureate and War Horse author included in this set are A Medal for Leroy, a story inspired by the trues story of Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British Army; Born to Run, the bittersweet tale of a champion greyhound who journeys through life under a variety of owners; and the bestseller Private Peaceful, which follows 24 hours of one young soldier's life on the trenches during World War I. 

With poignant tales of war, animals and triumphs against the odds, the stories are sure to get a child hooked on reading.

Titles in this collection (10)
  • The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips
  • Farm Boy
  • Private Peaceful
  • Running Wild
  • Born to Run
  • Little Manfred
  • An Elephant in the Garden
  • Alone on a Wide Wide Sea
  • Shadow
  • A Medal for Leroy
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