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Human Body A Book with Guts!

Human Body A Book with Guts! (Basher)

Author: Simon Basher, Illustrator: Dan Green

Ref: 9780753465011

Basher Science: Human Body, A Book with Guts! Created & illustrated by Simon Basher, written by Dan GreenFrom the best-selling team that brought you The Periodic Table, Physics, Biology, and Astronomy comes a topic that's close to our hearts-literally! Meet the characters and processes that that keep the human body chugging along. From the basic building blocks like Cell, DNA, and Protein, to Bones, Muscles, and all of the fun-loving Organs, readers will cozy up with the guys on the inside. Trust us-Liver has never looked better!

Critic Reviews
This clever, well-illustrated romp doesn't mince words, but gives students the straight truth about even the most unpleasant functions of the human body. The colorful cartoons . . . do help get the key concepts across. The book is divided into sections based on systems, so kids could skip to just what they are interested in or browse through the whole book. This is a fun introduction to how the human body works. "School Library Journal" The appeal of this book is that it can be read straight through or read out of order, section by section. It is easy to follow and understand and presents information aimed at the middle grade kids who are being introduced to the body and its functions. This is a fun one and reveals the body processes in more like an action film than a science text. "SimplyScience Blog (Books and easy science lessons)" The uninhibited and humorous style will attract this age group and reluctant readers. Presented in first person, the text makes its points with jokes and wordplay, but it also provides lots of information. Some amazing statistics show up at the bottom of each page. . . . This book would make good supplemental material in science or health classes, especially for those students who think that science is boring. Recommended "Library Media Connection" Young readers ages ten and up can learn fascinating facts about the human body in this well crafted new book in the Basher popular science series. . . . Readers will come away with a better understanding of the fundamental components of their bodies. . . . [A] powerful little book. "" The personification of body parts is right in line with Basher's usual approach, and the implements they are given are cleverly reflective of their real functions, making the [book] both informative and fun to look at. . . .Dan Green's text has the body bits narrating their own stories, which further humanizes them. . . . It is quite easy to imagine very young children becoming entranced by the Basher approach . . . get 'em while they're young and keep 'em interested as they get older. "" Supplemental science reading doesn't come much more fun. "Booklist""

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