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The Accidental Prime Minister

The Accidental Prime Minister

Author: Tom McLaughlin

Ref: 9780192737748

When Joe tells a local news reporter exactly what he would do if he were leader of the country, the video goes viral and Joe's speech becomes famous all over the world! Before long, people are calling for the current leader to resign and give someone else a go ...and that's how an ordinary boy like Joe ended up with the most extraordinary job. Now the fun can really start ...Hats for cats! Pet pigs for all! Banana shaped buses! Swimming pools on trains! A hilarious story of one boy's meteoric rise to power!

Critic Reviews
'With this on the shelf, you'll have children voting to read!' The Reading Zone 'dramatises a common fantasy for many of us - what we might do if we were Prime Minister' Lorna Bradbury, 'Best Books for Children this Easter', Telegraph 'a totally hilarious story, brilliantly written and amusingly illustrated - with clear undercurrents of reality' Parents in Touch 'a wonderful middle-grade book that's topical and ripe for discussion' Wondrous Reads blog 'manages to introduce the idea of politics for a 7+ audience with some serious points, but mainly laugh-out-loud humour' MinervaReads blog 'thoughtful, ambitions yarn published just in time for the general election' Alex O'Connell, The Times 'The funniest book I've ever read' The Guardian 'A well-crafted attack on adults who take themselves too seriously' Books for Keeps Fans of David Walliams will love this book The Teacher 'this is an entertaining read for those who enjoy slapstick humour.' Kathryn Tyson, The School Librarian 'A brilliant read for kids who dream big.' Yattar Yattar Magazine 'a fast read which was funny and full of humour' Tamar Hollman, Teen Titles 'a really fun book and a very enjoyable read' Patricia Thompson, Carousel (The Guide to Children's Books)

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