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Game Changer

Game Changer

Author: Tim Bowler

Ref: 9780192794154
Life is hard for Mikey. He's frightened of open spaces and would much rather curl up in his room and avoid the world outside. So going to a noisy, public place is a big deal - but with his sister Meggie by his side, it should be safe. And Mikey is determined to overcome his fear. But things go badly wrong when he encounters a gang and witnesses something terrible. To make matters worse, they know where he lives, and now they want to see him ...This time, there's no hiding place for Mikey ...

Critic Reviews
'Gripping and scary' Martin Chilton, Telegraph 'A taut thriller' Financial Times 'pulls you in from the very first page and doesn't let you go until long after you've finished reading' The Bookbag 'A superb exploration inside a teenage mind, tense and gripping' Parents in Touch 'very tense thriller with an incredibly unusual hero, and a great brother-sister relationship' Fluttering Butterflies blog 'a fast paced, thriller to keep you on your toes' Georgia May, Teen Book Hoots Blog 'Tim Bowler is very engaging and his writing style makes the most of the unusual characters' Elinor Nash, My Book Corner 'a beautifully crafted, powerful story that is both gripping and poignant' Armadillo Magazine 'Game Changer is a fantastic thriller from Tim Bowler, the story is tense and exciting and the characters engaging' Frances Breslin Davda, The School Librarian
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