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Is There a Dog in This Book?

Is There a Dog in This Book?

Author: Viviane Schwarz, Illustrator: Viviane Schwarz

Ref: 9781406360905
Another brilliantly interactive book full of flaps and surprises from the award-winning creator of There Are Cats in this Book and There Are No Cats in this Book. Tiny, Moonpie and Andre smell something funny ...but what can it be? Wait, hang on a second, is it a DOG? Is there a dog in this book?! Oh no! The cats are scared of dogs! Dogs are snappy and yappy, smelly and noisy and ...they hate cats. So, they all try and hide from him - behind the couch, under the piano, in the wardrobe...Will the little doggy ever find them? An irresistibly fun book for cat (and dog) lovers!

Shortlisted for FCBG Children's Book Awards: Books for Younger Children 2015.
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7,171.74 CRC

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