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Daisy: Really, Really

Daisy: Really, Really (Daisy Picture Books)

Author: Kes Gray, Illustrator: Nick Sharratt

Ref: 9780099413943
When Daisy gets left with a babysitter for the first time, she eats up her mum's note and tells Angela that she usually has ice-cream and chips for tea, never gets dirty, and always stays up watching videos till midnight.'Really?' asks Angela.'Really, really,' fibs Daisy. But what will happen when Mum comes home? If you liked Eat Your Peas, you will really, really like this book!

volume no: 2

Critic Reviews
"This is brilliantly structured so that it holds the interest when read aloud rather as a good joke before arriving at its punchline - Nick Sharratt's bright, simple pictures look almost as though an inspired child had produced them - and that may well be why children respond to them so warmly" Observer "A subtle and clever anecdote - a highly sophisticated book. The narrative is strong, the characters are distinctive and well-drawn. The ending is a stroke of brilliance" Daily Telegraph "Brilliantly witty" The School Librarian
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7,171.74 CRC

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