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Deadly Animals

Deadly Animals (Usborne Beginners Plus)

Author: Henry Brook

Ref: 9781409582021
Animals that can kill - with sharp teeth, poisonous skin, venomous stings or crushing grips - are a source of endless fascination. This book offers an introduction to some of the most deadly. It features big cats, snakes, sharks, crocodiles, and some surprisingly lethal small animals whose human death count is far greater.

Critic Reviews
'Ideally suited for fans of CBBC's Deadly 60 series... Few children will be able to resist this incredible journey into the dangerously exciting and dark side of nature' - Lancashire Evening Post; 'An informative and educational book which is well written, and certainly compulsive reading for any young enquiring mind!' - First4Dads
Price: $12.58
7,171.74 CRC

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