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Love Lessons

Love Lessons

Author: Jacqueline Wilson, Illustrator: Nick Sharratt

Ref: 9780552553520

Fourteen-year-old Prue and her sister Grace have been educated at home by their controlling, super-strict father all their lives. Forced to wear Mum's odd hand-made garments and forbidden from reading teenage magazines, they know they're very different to 'normal' girls - but when Dad has a stroke and ends up in hospital, unable to move or speak, Prue suddenly discovers what it's like to have a little freedom. Sent to a real school for the first time, Prue struggles to fit in. The only person she can talk to is her kindly, young - and handsome - art teacher, Rax. They quickly bond, and Prue feels more and more drawn to him. As her feelings grow stronger, she begins to realise that he might feel the same way about her. But nothing could ever happen between them - could it?

Critic Reviews
"Jacqueline Wilson at her very best" Publishing News "Sensitive and insightful story ... Demonstrates perfectly why this author is adored by her legions of fans" The Bookseller "Deserves three cheers ... The most richly enjoyable Wilson novel for years" The Times "The queen of difficult subjects, Jacqueline handles this one with wit and sensitivity. Her best ever" Mizz

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