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Do Igloos Have Loos?

Do Igloos Have Loos? (Mitchell Symons' Trivia Books)

Author: Mitchell Symons

Ref: 9781849410359

Ever wondered ...Why are slugs so slimy? Why does your skin go wrinkly in the bath? How clever is your right foot? What is the best thing to do if you fall into quicksand? And do igloos have loos? Mitchell Symons knows the answers ...and now you will too!

volume no: 7

Winner of Blue Peter Children's Book Awards: The Best Book With Facts 2011.

Critic Reviews
"Mitch knows more totally useless things about useless subjects than anybody on Earth" Chris Tarrant "It's an idiosyncratic galmaufry of answers to questions that range from the scientifically verified to the nebulously philosophical ... It's good, (almost) clean fun, ideal for fans of trivia to dip into" -- James Lovegrove Financial Times "Here's an entertaining title for young and old alike ... Really great fun!" South Wales Argus

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