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Prince Charmless

Prince Charmless

Author: Jeanne Willis, Illustrator: Tony Ross

Ref: 9781849397780
Since the day he was born, nothing was good enough for Prince Charmless. From the moment he woke until the time he went to bed, he complained. One day all the royal servants decided they had enough of his complaining and packed their bags. The pampered prince was left to fend for himself, with some unexpected results...

Critic Reviews
"Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross have created another sure-fire winner" We Love This Book "Another brilliant picture book from these two masters of their craft." Booksellers' Choice, The Bookseller "Oh Prince Charmless, how we recognise you!.(a) popular picture book satire about spoilt children." The Times "We enjoyed this funny, charming book a great deal and we thoroughly recommend it." The Bookbag "Clever words tickle readers young and old." The Star (Sheffield)
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6,145.74 CRC

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