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World of Happy Collection

World of Happy Collection

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World of Happy is a world of LOVECELEBRATION and HAPPINESS.
Children will love the little penguins, dancing hippos and knitting gorillas, while parents will appreciate the emotionally rich and life-affirming stories.
Not just books but precious receptacles for sharing joy with all the family; not just stories but fables to teach your children about really important, deep and heart-felt values.

This collection of 10 books from the following titles:

1) The Little Penguin

2) The Pink Cricket

3) The Knitting Gorilla

4) Cow Party

5) Tortoise Football

6) The Elephant and the Spider

7) The Dog Machine

8) The Dance of Wallowy Bigness

9) Two Monkeys

10) Planet of the Bears

11) The Ministry of Niceness

The original cost of the package is $87.78, however we have applied a 15% discount to this so that the listed price comes out to $74.62. Please note that the discount applies only to payments made in cash, by bank transfer, or check.

Price: $54.00
30,780.00 CRC

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