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Little Miss: The Complete Collection

Little Miss: The Complete Collection

By Harpercollins Distribution Services  Ref: 9780603566400

The Little Miss Library includes 36 of Mr. Men author Roger Hargreaves' timeless tales, starring the likes of Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Naughty, in a beautiful and enormously handy gift box. Young children will love discovering these fun-filled stories and getting to know each and every imaginative character, while adults will have a wonderful time sharing the familiar tales with their excited little ones.

This collection of 36 is a complete set of all of the Little Miss stories, including favorites such as: Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Lucky, and Little Miss Princess, among others.

The original cost of the package is $180.00, however we have applied a 15% discount to this so that the listed price comes out to $153.00. Please note that the discount applies only to payments made in cash, by bank transfer, or check.

Price: $90.00
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