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Horrid Henry Wakes the Dead

Horrid Henry Wakes the Dead (Horrid Henry)

Author: Francesca Simon, Illustrator: Tony Ross

Ref: 9781842551332
Horrid Henry finds a surefire way of wielding the remote control to ensure he always watches his programme of choice, vies with Moody Margaret to become the head of the school, shows off his prowess as a magician in the school talent show, and battles it out with Perfect Peter over who gets the green dinosaur and who gets the purple one.

volume no: No. 18

Critic Reviews
Everybody's favourite bad boy is back for a new set of shocking adventures. Horrid Henry and his brother Perfect Peter will squabble over anything and everything - and, as his fans will know, his behaviour is getting worse!... Whatever Henry does he is perfectly dreadful and wickedly funny. -- Julia Eccleshare LOVEREADING4KIDS.CO.UK
Price: $8.98
5,119.74 CRC

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