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Shopping with Dad

Shopping with Dad

Author: Matt Harvey, Illustrator: Miriam Latimer

Ref: 9781846864452

It's so exciting! How can she contain herself? She tries - but she can't! An enormous sneeze sets in motion a small calamity, and Dad gets the blame. But when his daughter speaks up and takes responsibility for her actions, the mood changes. Fantastic readaloud: fun, fast-paced and full of witty alliterations. This is first-time picture book for popular performance poet Matt Harvey, who is a regular guest on BBC Radio 4's "Saturday Live".

Critic Reviews
'The children loved this sing-song account of daring Dad and his adventurous daughter - This book is such fun to read' - Child Education Plus 'The poetry is top drawer - and the details of parent/child relationships observed through far-from-rose-tinted spectacles - Ace pics from UWE grad Latimer' - Venue

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6,145.74 CRC

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