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If the site is not working as expected, you can phone +506 2214 2515 or email  in case your query is a common on one, please read through the following frequently asked questions.

Why do I have to pay $4 delivery, just for one book?

The courier company has a minimum charge of 1kg. Thus it is more economical to buy and ship several books at a time. if you live in the Escazu area it may be possible to collect your books personally in which case there will be no charge. Phone to check prior to starting the online checkout process.

Why are books sent via certified post or courier and not the normal postal service which would be cheaper?

There have been complaints regarding reliability of the normal postal service. Hence to ensure a safe and fast delivery, we use their certified postal or EMS courier service which is tracked. Also, many addresses are rather arbitrary. For example “Trejos Montealegre, from Kentucky 200m South, 100m West” which makes delivery less reliable with the regular postal service. As ceritified and EMS deliveries require a signature, there is a higher probability that the package will arrive. If it is signed for at the wrong address, we can trace the mistake and retrieve the package. Packages weighing up to 250g are sent via certified post, after that it is actually more economical to use the EMS courier service.


Can certified post and EMS parcels be sent to a PO box?

Yes they can. In this case the post office branch receives the package and puts an advisory slip in your box. When collecting the package you will be asked to sign for it.  

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